Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jade's got legs !

Photo snapped by Michael Helms

I have danced for years. Here is another image shot

by Michael Helms with photoshopArt by me,

Fetish Jade

This image was taken by MinkyBlink, one of my

favorite photographers. I like to think I discovered him.
He is very talented and great with angels.

This is an image of me in my backyard, at my Ranch in Los Angeles.

I am sitting on "Fred" my sulcatta tortoise. Fred has become HUGE

in ony 9 years. He was the size of a quarter when I bought

him at a reptile store in Venice.

This is one of my favorite photos.

It was taken by Michael Helms. I'm wearing the boots

I used to wear a lot when I performed at Bar Sinister in Hollywood.

I might auctioning them off in the near future!


Rab said...

Nice shoes!xx

Anonymous said...

!!! WOW, COOL !!!